High Performance

Have you heard the phrase "you are what you eat"? How about "beauty is more than skin deep"? You may already know that when you eat nutritious foods, your body, your brain-- even your skin and outward appearance--all seem to work better, feel refreshed and more revived. But you likely also know that, living a student's life, it can seem like a near impossible feat to get all those nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. Maybe you're strapped for cash, stuck with only cafeteria food or simply are too time-crunched to eat your fruits and veggies (like mom always said!). That's where the Nutritional Institute, through its philosophy to provide nutrient-rich, economical, convenient and super tasty products specifically designed for students, comes in. Let's face it--students' diets are typically far from healthy and well balanced. Junk food and processed foods (how many nights have you existed on pizza, soda, potato chips and cookies?) not only deprive you of the nutrients that your growing body needs (yes, your body is still growing) , but also these foods contain toxins that enter your body, forcing it to work overtime just to remove them. The result? Your metabolism slows down, and so do your reactions, both physically and mentally (that's why you may feel sluggish after eating a big, greasy order of fries). As for sugars and processed grains, these nasty little fiends will increase your insulin level, which is the equivalent of putting your body on the aging express elevator. So if you're eating plenty of bagels, pancakes, candy or other sweets--and not much else--what you're really doing is slamming your foot on the aging accelerator. Nutrition: The Key to Better Performance in Life At the Nutritional Institute, our philosophy is simple: A healthy diet means a better physical make-up and better performance in all aspects of life for you. So while you're studying hard and working on your future from an academic standpoint, proper nutrition will work with you, from the inside out, to help you with:
  • Sports and fitness
  • Studying and academics
  • Preventing disease and feeling great
When you give your body the "ingredients" it needs to function properly, your energy level, mental clarity, physical endurance--even your mood--may all be affected for the better. How can the Nutritional Institute help ensure that you meet your body's needs and function at that "A" level, both physically and mentally? First and foremost , through education. With your free subscription to our Be Smart, Be Healthy e-newsletter you'll learn why healthy food choices are so important for you now and in the future (and how to make those choices fit into your active lifestyle), plus inside tips on how to use the most basic items (water, air, sunshine and more) to convert your lifestyle into a truly health-promoting one.