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  • Can I modify my order? 
    Most orders you place with us at www.Nutritionalinstitute.com enter the shipping process very quickly (within minutes of order placement) so we can get your items to you as soon as possible. If we can catch it, we certainly can cancel and or modify.


  • Can I expedite the shipping of my order? 
    Depending on the items, we use USPS or UPS on all online orders. You will be prompted to select a shipping speed and method during the ordering process!
  • Can I pay by cheque?
    Absolutely. To order by phone, and for hours of availability, please call us at +1 866-556-9457 Toll Free!

  • When will I receive my order?
    Typically, you can expect to receive your www.Nutritionalinstitute.com shipment within 3 to 7 business days. If you choose a faster shipping method, your order will be delivered quicker than 3 to 7 10 business days.

  •  What is the status of my order?
    Answers vary, and generally depend on the order. Our staff monitors all purchases processed through www.Nutritionalinstitute.com and can give tracking numbers if they are available. The day your order is shipped, you will receive a notification via e-mail.

  •  What if I don’t receive my order?
    E-mail us your shipping information and your order number, and we'll contact you after we've checked with our mail providers and suppliers to find out the cause of the delay. To contact us, click here .

  •  What if I received the wrong item?
    All orders are verified in our system prior to shipping, but occasionally mistakes do happen. If your order is incorrect in any way, please contact us, and we'll take care of it immediately! To contact us, click here.

  • Can I return any items I purchased?
    Click here to view return policies by product.

  •  What is my password?
    A password will be assigned the first time you make a purchase at www.Nutritionalinstitute.com. If you forget it, e-mail us and we'll forward your password to you. To contact us, click here.

  •  What happens if my password doesn’t work? 
    If you have a problem with your password, e-mail us, and we'll be glad to assign you a new one. To reset your password, click here.

  •  What kind of products would you recommend for a person with my condition?
    We do have natural health practitioners available to consult over the phone. You can set up a telephone consultation click here.
    However, we do have several areas on www.Nutritionalinstitute.com where feature and recommend products you can check out by clicking here

  • Still need help?
    If you're unable to find the answers you need, please don't hesitate -- Contact Us!