Best Study Tips Ever

  • Study with Buddies
  • Take notes during class. It’s critical that YOU have something to contribute to your study group. You are there to give and get.
  • Study with a small group of four or five friends or classmates that have the same class as you. Get together and study every week for no less than a half hour. For some people, working and studying in groups tends to help them retain information much longer. As big projects and tests grow near, meet more often than usual. If your school has broadband internet, try free online conference calls.
  • Don’t depend on cram sessions the night before a test. These do not serve you well.
  • I once pulled an all night study session before a big math test and it was an exercise in futility.
  • We all know that waiting until the night before to cram all the material on the test in, typically never works, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Try not to snack on high carbs or too much sugar, the let down is not what you need to stay focused.
  • The morning after your all night study session make sure you get some good nutrition.
  • Keep up with your homework from day one of every class. Read all the material more than once. Not internalizing textbook material is one of the biggest mistakes students make. Students get too confident that their note taking skills are good enough to cover all the material that they will be tested on. You need to at least read the highlighted and bolded areas in your textbook, preferably read the whole chapter, it will help you.
  • Experiment with different types of studying. Some people learn better visually, some verbally, some with a pen and paper. Try out some different techniques to see how you learn best.
  • Visually: Try making a chart or pictures that tie in with your studying. This will help you tie together a picture in your mind with the information. Verbally: Tape your classes (with the professor’s ok) and review them as you read and study. Create a jingle or a song that contains the information you need to memorize. When you are being testing on the material, you can just recall back to your song and the information will be right there!
  • Writing it down: Try writing down key words and definitions 10 times each. This will drill the information into your head and you won’t forget it!