Save Money & Time with The Nutritional Institute Autoship Program!

Manage the deliveries of your favorite health products with our handy Autoship program!

Nutrition Institue Autoship

Here’s How it Works:

  • Look for the “Save with Autoship” banner on eligible items.
  • Select how often you want your products delivered.
  • At checkout, we’ll automatically set up your future deliveries.
  • We'll send an email reminder before each delivery. You can skip, change or cancel your delivery schedule at any time.


  • What benefits are there to using Nutritional Institute Authorship program & how does it work?
  • Select how often you want your products delivered.
  • How can I make changes to my deliveries such as: adding an item, changing a time, changing a payment, adding items?
  • What types of payment are accepted for Nutritional Institute Autoship?
  • What products and brands are available for Autoship?
  • What products are available for Autoship?
  • What are the shipping costs?
  • What you can expect and how it works!

What Benefits are there to Using Nutritional Institute Authorship Program?

The Nutritional Institute Autoship program is a super convenient way for you to get the health products you want delivered to you on a regular schedule! With your permission we will automatically send your products when you want them. 

Our Autoship service is simple to use and customizable, so you can make changes on our site whenever you need. Just tell our system how often you want your products delivered, and we'll take it from there. And if you want help, we are always there to chat @ 866-556-9457.

You can experience convenience and great savings! We have a special VIP status assigned to all our loyal And very much appreciated Autoship customers! You will get special coupons and awards!

How can I make Changes to My Deliveries such as: Adding an Item, Changing a Delivery Date, Updating a Payment, Adding or Removing Items?

  • You always have complete control over your Nutritional Institute Autoship orders, and we send an email reminder 5 days before each order ships.
  • You can change your delivery frequency, next order date, or quantity anytime by visiting ‘
  • Manage Nutritional Institute Autoship’ located within your Nutritional Institute Account’ section.
  • You can make changes to your orders or cancel at any time. Please allow up to 24 hours for modifications or cancellations to be processed.

What Types of Payment are Accepted for Nutritional Institute Autoship?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

What Products & Brands are Available for Autoship?

We have over 15,000 Natural Health products available to autoship. 

On the product page and during check out you will see an autoship option; if that option is present then the item is available to autoship!

What You can Expect & How it Works!

You will receive an email confirming your subscription. This email will include a link to access ‘Nutritional Institute Autoship’ where you can manage your future orders, Autoship items and Autoship account information. 

We will place your Autoship orders automatically according to your selected frequency, and you will only be billed on the day the order is shipped. 

Here are a few key policies to know:

  1. Prior to each subscription order, we will send you an email reminder.
  2. You will also receive email notifications regarding other important information related to your Nutritional Institute Autoship account, such as if your product is discontinued, out of stock, if you cancel your subscription, or confirmation when an order is placed successfully.
  3. Change an order date:
    To change your next order date, please visit your “Account Login” page and under the Order’ tab chose Autoship’ and click the ‘Edit Date’ link near the next order date then select a new date for your order. This will change the order date for the entire order.
  4. To Skip, Modify or Cancel a delivery:
    To skip a subscription order, please visit your ‘Account Login’ and click the ‘Skip Delivery’ link near the next order date to skip the entire order.

What are the Shipping Costs?

When you first order an item on Autoship, delivery costs will be calculated based on the shipping rate you select at checkout. For all of your automatic Autoship reorders, the costs of delivery are as follows:

  • Delivery to the Continental US:
  • Free Shipping For orders Over $39.75
  • $1.75 For Orders Between $30.00 To $34.74
  • $3.15 For Orders Between $20.00 To $29.99
  • $5.95 For Orders Between $10.00 TO $19.99
  • $8.75 For Orders Between $2.00 To $10.00
  • Delivery to the Non-continental US = Flat shipping rate of $5.95
  • Delivery to Canada = Please call for Quote 866-556-9457

To maintain free shipping for Continental US orders, make sure the subtotal for your next order adds up to over $39.75 after any specials. 

Please note that shipping surcharges for specific items will be added to the cost of items requiring special handling such as probiotics and any item that require refrigeration.