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Water Distillers

About Pure Water Is your water safe enough for drinking?


With huge amounts of toxins and chemicals sprayed, dumped and flushed into the environment, are you concerned with the cleanliness of your tap water at home or in your business? You don’t have to worry anymore, Pure Water is your absolute best option!

Pure Water

  • Pure Water is the leading US manufacturer of premium water distillers for families and businesses
  • We provide the cleanest, purest water possible through our Pure Water Distillers for over 40 years
  • Our reach covers more than 100 US Embassies, with customers ranging from families to athletes, patients, doctors, scientists, government agencies, world’s most popular brands and many others.

Why Distillation?

Distillation is the single-most effective water treatment that can remove 99.9% of contaminants. It is the only process that exactly duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle, nature’s way of purifying water. With good distillers having a good lifespan, the process is extremely reliable. Essentially, it produces consistent quality of water regardless of the quality of the source and is recommended by doctors and nutritionists worldwide.

Premium Water Distillers are the World’s Best!

  • Purity is our priority, and if you also want the purest water possible, you will value what we do
  • Our products, constructed in the USA, are very effective in removing a broad spectrum of contaminants
  • There is no question in the durability and the excellent value of our products as they have undergone heavy-duty construction
  • We have the largest selection of water distillers for your home and/or business. And we know what’s best for your case!

Wide Selection of Water Distillers

You can protect your family from harmful toxins in your water through these Home Pure Water Distillers:

  • Pure Water Mega-Classics

This product is perfect for convenient and fast production. It is considered a top-of-the-line model with automatic operation and an automatic drain including a build-in pump for remote delivery

  • Pure Water Midi-Classic

This is our most popular model which is suitable for small to mid-sized families. You may choose how to dispense water either through stand, pump or more!

  • Pure Water Mini-Classic CT

This is the only counter-top water distiller that does not require installation. Surely, this one’s perfect for small families and apartment buildings.


Do you have water needs for your business? Pure Water caters to these business establishments:

  • Medical Facilities

Our water distillers provide a 24/7 protection against microbial and chemical contamination of water supplies and can be used on biologically contaminated water. We can assure of its quality as it is recommended by FEMA, the American Red Cross and the American Water Works Association.

  • High Security Facilities

We offer secure drinking water solutions as well as risk assessment and water education services to US Embassies and other State Departments, various intelligence facilities, political offices, military and nuclear facilities and many others.

  • Day Cares and Preschools
  • Pure Water PRTX-6Z Package- a complete package perfect for mid to large size preschools
  • Pure Water PRTX-3Z Package- similar to PRTX-3Z Package but with only one distiller
  • Tea and Coffee Shops
    • Pure Water TC640 Package- a complete package for high-end tea and coffee shops
    • Pure Water TC128 Package- this also comes with a complete package but allows you to offer pure water as an option
    • Pure Water Mini-Classic 2- this is best for individuals who want a great tea experience, with no installation needed
  • Dental Offices
    • DP850 Premium Water Distiller- a heavy-duty distiller that can be operated manually or automatically and is perfect for small to large dental offices
    • DP360 Premium Water Distiller- this distiller is suitable for smaller dental offices and is very easy to operate like a coffee maker
  • Laboratories
    • Pure Water LP640-3- a world favorite that produces Grade 3 water, having with purity sensor and alarm of its own
    • Pure Water LP640-2- a similarly popular product configured to produce Grade 2 quality water
    • Pure Water LP640-2- also a world-famous product that meets the Grade 1 water quality standards
  • Organic Food Processing

Secure the taste, aroma, visual appearance and healthfulness of your food with the help of our effective water distillers to purify the water you use.

These cutting-edge water distillers are available at Nutritional Institute, LLC Illinois. Pure Water has consistently made high-quality and reliable distillers which provide various homes and businesses with pure and safe drinking water. Clearly, their products are among the most trusted and leading brands in the name of water purification systems.


Pure Water

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