About LifeSpan Fitness LifeSpan is a company dedicated to benefitting the way people work, exercise, and lives in sustainable, healthy ways.


Its products and innovative vision inspired fitness and wellness as a way of everyday life since we started in 2001.

The company specializes in solutions that are created uniquely for the home, gym, workplace, and everywhere in between. It helps in empowering individuals to find better health regardless of the setting.

LifeSpan Fitness is focused on providing its customers in the following areas and with these products. These products and services will help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while you are on the go!

  • LifeSpan Fit

LifeSpan’s competency is on full display in its impressive line of home and commercial exercise equipment. Through the company’s dedication to quality hardware and progressive technology, you will be able to receive astonishing health benefits and unbeatable value.

Here are some of the products that we offer from LifeSpan Fitness

  • Treadmills

These treadmills are designed according to what you need and want. This product ranges from compact portable treadmills, folding treadmills, and commercial treadmills.

  • Exercise Bikes

The company has whatever bike that you need. It offers recumbent bike, upright bikes, as well as indoor bikes for your home or the gym.

  • Rowing Machine

This rowing machine will help you achieve your goals by toning your muscles and providing a great cardiovascular workout.

  • Stretching Machine

This stretching machine allows you to get a deeper fuller stretch by using gravity so you can better improve your sports performance, prevent injury, reduce back pain and improve posture with a full regimen of stretching.

  • Activity Trackers

This activity tracker is the perfect way to help you achieve your fitness goals. Day-to-day activity readouts are perfect for keeping you on track and motivated.

  • Accessories

You can complete your exercise equipment with add-ons such as equipment mat, silicone lubricant, or a safety key for your treadmill.

  • LifeSpan Workplace

          The company’s goal is to promote active office movement. With the available programs, LifeSpan treadmill desks and bike desks that will blend professionalism with functionality to ensure zero disruption and limitless value.

          This program is designed for single professionals, teams, or by entire companies as a whole.

          Here are some of the products and services that LifeSpan Workplace offers:

  • Treadmill Desks

This product line ranges from treadmills with electric or manual height adjustable desks to treadmills that will fit under your existing standing desk.

  • Bike Desks

This product ranges from electric and manual height adjustable desks to a bike that rolls under your existing standing desk.

  • Accessories

You can maximize the capability of your workplace exercise equipment by purchasing additional accessories such as the Exercise Equipment Mat, Treadmill Belt Lubricant, and the likes.

  • LifeSpan Club

          LifeSpan Club is a one-stop shop for everything related to your health and fitness. The products available are informative, secure, and conveniently compatible with the LifeSpan products.

          The LifeSpan Club will allow you to track, work, play, and sync all your exercise data. You will be able to view your minutes of exercise, distance traveled, steps taken, and calories burned for any period of time. With this program, we put you in control of your ambitions and success!

LifeSpan Awards and Recognition

With its goal to be consistent and committed to its craft, the company earned an outstanding reputation from consumers and industry experts alike.

With unwavering commitment to be the best in the field, the company received the following awards and recognitions for 2015:

  • Best Buy Treadmill Runner-Up for $3,000 - $3,999 by Treadmill Doctor
  • Top 10 Best Treadmills by Business Insider
  • Best Treadmill for Weight Loss in Leading Consumer Group Review
  • Best Treadmill Desk by TreadmillReviews.net
  • Best Desk Treadmill Runner-Up by Treadmill Doctor
  • Top 10 Best Treadmills by Business Insider
  • Best Desk Treadmill Runner-Up by Treadmill Doctor
  • Best Compact Treadmill Runner-Up by Treadmill Doctor


All LifeSpan products are now available at the Nutritional Institute LLC from Grayslake IL. These products will help you live the healthy and active lifestyle that you want wherever you go. Lifespan treadmill desks are Nutritional Institutes latest favorite fitness product! What a great way to work and exercise! Everyone in the team is enjoying every work that we do since we personally use LifeSpan Workplace products in our office!



Lifespan Fitness

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