These 10 Homes Are Proof That You Can Never,<br> Ever Have Too Many Plants

These 10 Homes Are Proof That You Can Never,<br> Ever Have Too Many Plants

Don't know where to put that new snake plant? Struggling to find the perfect spot for your monstera?

Well, the first thing to consider should always be finding a spot in your home that has the proper light and humidity for your houseplant.

From there, you can get creative with how you show off your plant pal.

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We scoured Holistic Home Tour series for inspo, and these are some of the most genius plant decoration ideas we found for every room.

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How to Use Plants in The Living Room.

Hanging your plants side-by-side has a dramatic effect, especially when you place them in front of the window so they cast dreamy shadows.

If there was ever a room for a big statement plant, it's the living room. Here's a guide on how to choose the right one for your space, from the experts behind one of NYC's buzziest plant shops.

Place your plants within view of a mirror to amplify the soothing, mood-boosting properties.

Grouping similar houseplants together can create a dramatic display. Plus, it makes for easier maintenance when your plants have similar watering schedules.

Showing Off Plants in The Dining Room and Kitchen.

A trailing plant makes for a soft, inviting addition to any bookshelf or display case. Weave it in with any ceramics or glassware that you want to show off.

Turn old tea containers into planters for the cutest succulent window display you ever did see.

Who needs a headboard when you have a trailing plant? You can keep yours in place with small thumbtacks painted the same color as your wall.

Hanging two of the same plant above either side of your bed can make it feel regal and inviting (as does a cute, yawning dog).

Putting a plant on every shelf of a shelving unit is not overkill, and don't let anybody tell you differently.

How To Display Plants in Your Bathroom.

The high humidity in a bathroom is ideal for some plants, so why not fashion a full-on jungle around your bathtub?

Source: mindbodygreen.

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