Keep Pets off the Furniture

Keep Pets off the Furniture

Pets are great companions that can make you feel like home everywhere. However, sometimes pets can gain territory on furniture or leave a pile of surprises on a clean sofa or bed.

When these inconveniences arise, it is important to teach your pet to stay away from the furniture. Learning how to break these bad habits can help you train your pets to stay off the furniture for good.

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1. Making Furniture Less Desirable

Your dog may climb to the couch because he knows you are eating snacks there and there may be broken pieces of food in between the cushions.

Or maybe your cat prowls onto the kitchen counter because she knows that you will put her food out from time to time. No matter what kind of furniture your pet climbs onto, he or she may associate this location with food.

Keep food away from the furniture you are trying to keep your pet out of, and clean up any mess you have done on or near the furniture.

2. Teaching the Off Command

As you see your pet on the couch, don’t immediately react, instead say in a calm, yet stern voice: “Off!” The off command is very effective, it does require you to be present and watch your pet climb up on off-limits furniture.

Of course, rewards incentives. Therefore, show a small treat in front of his or her face and slowly pull the food off the sofa or chair (with your dog’s nose in tow)and down to the floor.

Start out giving him treats every time he climbs down, and then gradually reduces the number of times which you reward them with treats each time when giving the “Off!” command.

Eventually, you should be able to command your dog to get off the furniture by just saying “Off!”.

3. Providing Alternatives

Make your pet a comfortable bed. In fact, some pets are better not to sleep on soft furniture due to arthritis pain or discomfort sleeping on the floor. A dog or cat bed can help your pet have a comfortable place to sleep without any inconveniences.

Get your cat a condo. If your cat keeps climbing up the furniture and it will cause you trouble, then one of the best options you can offer for a cat is a cat condo.

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Cat condos are multi-level structures that allow cats to climb, jump, and sleep in one of the “rooms” or on one of the platforms. These indoor structures allow your cat to sleep in his own place, while also allowing him to climb up and exercise.

If your pet tends to climb furniture when you are not at home (leaving a lot of hair or scratches on the furniture), consider preparing a crate for your dog when you are not at home, or limiting your pet to a designated area, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

You can also use gates to block access to certain rooms or furniture. Just make sure your animals have access to food and fresh, clean water, and are not affected by temperature, no matter where you limit them.

Co-editor and Creator: Akanksha S.

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